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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 23, 2009 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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zelaya ignored curfew. >> there is no controversy over health care reform. the government hazarded to stop sending t what they call misleading information. republicans say that's not fair. >> we can alout people to target individual companies because they do in the like what they say. >> officials say it wouldn't remain while an on the obama a and tennessee are getting their first look -- dodge damages have
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cost $2,350,000. it wasn't enough. >> we came in to put things on hinge are blocks, not to return because the standing water can still be dangerous. >> no significant rain in the flooded atlanta area but a wet day from texas to the midwest with heavy downpours. >> seattle hits a record 84, portland 88. it's just 50 in colorado springs. 80s from baus and you to. it was facial rare. >> get out your grease. more than 150 men put eir best
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face forward in the international beard and mus tashg. so do the panel of judges. there were hundred grangy called some real station hair? >> yes, they do. ♪ ♪ my, my, my, my
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>> some >> some of the biggest banks are overhauling their debit card program. starting next month, bank of america will no longer charge overdraft fees when a customer's account is slightly overdrawn. >> the move comes as new consumer protections are about to kick in. >> president obama said he expects unemployment to be a problem for at least another year. people are actually be hired now in las vegas. >> about 12,000 workers are coming on to the payroll at a
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new entertainment complex that was nearly a recession victim. >> reporter: deborah peterson feared this day would never come. the single mother has been unemployed for more than a year. how much does this day mean to you then? >> means a lot. >> reporter: she's now one of the new employees of the cron jewel, known as city center. it opens in december. >> if our wondering where she's going to put 12,000 workers, don't worry, there is plenty of room. this is america's largest commercial real estate project. it covers 67 acres of a city that badly need as shot in the arm. it is dotted with high rises. the unemployment record hit 13% last month hotel room prices have nosedived down 24% in a year.
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luke ra it have convention business is off 26%, something casino owners blamed in part on that comment president obama made earlier this year. >> you can't go take a trip to las vegas or go to the super bowl on the taxpayers dime. >> citicenter itself is a risky bet pet. a few months ago the $8.6 billllion project was on the brk of bankruptcy. >> they were within about 30 minutes or so of shutting down. if they didn't get the financicg taken care of, they were shutting down. >> reporter: fortunately for deborah peterson and about 12,000 people just like her, this project turned itself around. many wonder if vegas will be so lucky. ryan owens, abc news, las vegas. >> can't wait to see citicenter. i love me some vegas. i think it's a stretch to pin the lack of tour of on president obama. when he made that comment, he was talking about companies bailed out by the government
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having convention there is. >> have i to completely agree with you. it's interesting to hear that statistic of 12,000 jobs but 160,000 applicants. a statistic like that really gives you insight into how much people are struggling to find employment right now. >> vegas has been really hard hit. up next, who is revealing celebrities secrets? >> it isn't who you might think who is violating trust and receiving big paychecks. d
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it's all part of a boom being black market as andrea canning reports. >> it is the ultimate invasion of privacy. as john travolta faced his
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lowest moment, the death of his son jett, the actor became a victim of an exportion plot allegedly master minded by the paramedic who first responded to jett's collapse from a seizure and former bahamian polititicia. they say if the star didn't pay up, confidential information would be sold to the highest bidding tabloid. just days after chris brown beat rihanna, her battered looking photo, official police evidence, was posted on tmz. even sarah jessica parker's surrogate became a target when two ohio police chiefs were charged with burglarizing her home, charges they denied. parker spoke about unscrupulous tactics to "access hollywood." >> most unsavory things have been done. she's had her phone hacked, personal computer information hacked.
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>> reporter: what makes this so outrageous is the leaks didn't come from the usual suspect. these are leaks from official sources. >> it's coming from all areas in different organizations. >> reporter: terry ahern, founder of stoparaz expressed impatience -- stoparrazzi. >> they all have leads inside of there that dish this information off. >> reporter: what kind of person is leaking this information? >> usually people at low levels that don't have as much to lose trade-off for the money they're going to make on a story. >> it was lawand a jacksons, an administrative assistant at ucla medical center who sold the details about farrah faw set as cancer allegedly to the national
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enquirer. >> she would go to get an eye ex and three days later it would be out in the enquirer that she was going blind. and then she would go to the gynecologist for a pap sar and it would say she was having a hysterectomy. and there would be a little pinch of the truth in it but it was always greatly exaggerated. she said once in an interview that the national enquirer caused her more stress than the cancer. it just infuriated her. she felt so violated. >> stuart documents the inhaving as -- invasion of privacy in her new book. she says fawcett was so frustrated she picked up the phone and personally called lawand a jackson. what did she say to her? >> she wanted to get the truth from her that this woman had given information to the enquirer.
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and i don't know exactly what they said in the conversation but i think la wanda was shocked when she had farrah fawcett on the phone calling her. farrah really didn't feel that she was the main culprit. she felt like the enquirer was even more the culprit than la wanda jackson. >> reporter: faw set was one of 30 high profile patients, including britney spears and maria shriver who had their personal records breached by jackson. >> there's a couple different ways they get information. within is they overhear it. two is they see somebody famous in there and they go and look for it. >> reporter: ahern says tabloids will seek out workers on the inside but some officials will reach out to them hoping for a big payoff. >> they have it down so they're hiding behind the first amendment right if anything comes up.
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you wouldn't be able to find the trail. >> reporter: ahern says while leaking information isies see to get away with, officials are taking complaints more seriously. ironically it was the paparazzi who turned in ohio police chiefs. they are suspended and are scheduled to go on trial next month. as for fawcett, she took matters into her own hand and set up a sting. >> so when my cancer came back, that's when i set it up with the doctor. i said, okay, you know and i know. i'm not telling ryan, i'm not telling my father, i'm not telling my girl friend, i'm not telling anyone. i knew if it came out it was coming from ucla. >> four days later it was out in the enquirer. >> reporter: la wanda jackson pled guilty but she died of cancer before sentencing.
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california hospitals are now required to report breaches and can face fines of up to $250,000. she says fawcett told her she was also in the middle of a settlement with the enquirer but died before a deal was worked out. >> she was going to give part of it to the farrah fawcett foundation, which was for cancer research. and by the way, the best thing the national enquirer could do today if they've got any decency about them is to give a very large donation to the farrah fawcett foundation along with an apology. i think they owe it to farrah. >> but the national enquirer which had plenty to say about the fawcett case over the past few years had no comment. i'm andrea canning for "nightline" in los angeles. >> it's always interesting to me. the just if i case you often hear people say about this overaccessibility about celebrities is, well, they're celebrities, they should know it's what they signed up for.
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but with medical record, it should be different. >> when it's a medical professional who is supposed to adhere to hipa rules or these police chiefs that are supposed to uphold the law that are responsible, it is a real problem. >> it is unbelievable. >> great stories in the morning papers up next.
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>> a >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> our first paper thorn is a real doozy. it really is unbelievable. two guys are working in a a mov company. they move furniture for bedrooms. people always come up to say you guys look a lot alike, you're brothers, right? never once did they think there was a possibility they could be brotrs.
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one day one asked the other any chance you were adopted? the other said yes, i was. any chance you know what your adopted parents' names are? turns out they were adopted, two brothers, ended up in the same city at the same furniture place working to the and they found they have a sister between the two of them as well. there was another sister that was adopted. >> fate has intervened here. it's too big a coincidence. >> isn't that crazy? >> wouldn't it be something if you and i worked to the all these monies if we were related. the pigment similarity is so much alike. >> kind of a stretch but okay. >> do you ever have that fear if the cable guy comes or repair guy comes and you're not home they're sitting around eating your chips, et cetera? >> of course. >> it happened with police
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officers. cops raided a drug house and were supposed to be collecting evidence. instead they bust out the wii and start bowling. some would catalogue edence, take a break, bowl a couple frames and then get back to work. >> my fear of this happening is so strong that i will clean the house. any time anyone should enter the i to make sure it's clean., have i can live in a dirty house but i don't want someone else to know. >> makes you want to set up a camera. >> but that wasn't bad. >> they're in trouble. the police chiefs weren't happy. >> last but not least, get ready to meet two people involved in a $40,000 dog custody battle. it was a police officer and his girl friend and she was a customer service manager. they had been dating for 13 years. they got engaged and they broke off the engagement and they agreed they would share the dog. he one day said he didn't want her to see the dog anymore. $40,000 later and they've
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changed some laws in new jersey. now they sort of split up the time. now can you have like a custody battle over a dog. he gets the dog for a certain amount of time, then she gets the dog. >> if there were ever problems
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>> the soggy southeast continues to dry out this morning as the death toll climbs and residents survey the damage from the floods. >> then tough tone. president obama chastises the israelis and palestinians for stalled peace talks. >> it is past time to talk about starting negotiations. it is time to move forward. >> and a warning for parents. a new study shows tanning salons are looking the other way when it comes to teens and ignoring government recommendations. it's wednesday, september 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news,
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there is "world news now." >> i remember right around prom time allll the girls would linep at the tanning salons. >> all my girl friends would do it, say they need to get a base tan in the bed before getting a real tan. >> i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. the skies are clear over the southeast this morning. when the sun comes up, it will show the remnants of some of the worst flooding in a century. >> thousands of homes are damaged, sewage plants are backing up and at least ten are dead, all this in a region just emerging from a drastic two-year drought. t.j. winick is in georgia. >> reporter: good morning. here in dekalb county outside of atlanta, we've seen the water recede here in this cul-de-sac where about 12 homes were impacted. homeowners might be able to get
3:32 am
in here sosometime today. they would certainly be grateful. like so many aund here they had to evacuate in a hurry. >> reporter: the water has washed away homes, swamped roads and schools, even roller coasters but far greater it has shattered lives. the by of 1-year-old nikola also a was discovered in the river tuesday morning. he jumped in the water with another boy and trieded swimmin toward a stranded jeep. >> i kept yelling for him to come back and he couldn't come back, he wanted to help whoever was in the truck. >> 2-year-old preston yawford was swept away from his family. the body of the boy wasn't found until hours later. >> if we thought this was going to happen, we would have went and got him and brought him back up to our house. i mean, it's just a freak accident. >> reporter: the damage and dangers are widespread after a straight wk of rain in at least five states including tennessee, north carolina and
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georgia. >> sometimes we feel helpless but just be patient, stay safe, stay secure, protect your life and the life of your family members. >> still southerners are anxious to see what's left. john knox and his son came home to collect what they could. >> we were in here yesterday, putting things up on cinder blocks we thought high enough. unfortunately not. >> reporter: flood warnings are still in effect in about two dozen counties here in georgia. the good news, only about a 40% chance of rain the rest of this week here in the atlanta area. >> on the other side of the country an epic traffic jam at the u.s.-mexico border after a shoot-out and brazen attempt to crash through. several people are injured, many more are in custody. brad wheelis has the story. >> reporter: the busiest border crossing from mexico into the u.s. was closed tuesday night after four people were injured in a gun battle as smugglers tried to crash their way into the u.s. three vans loaded with more than 70 suspected illegal immigrants tried to run through a border
3:34 am
check point without stopping at the port of entry between san diego and tijuana. while the incident is still under investigation, u.s. border authorities say two american agents fired their weapons during the incident. >> multiple shots were fired. th shooting is under investigation by the san diego police department. the port of entry has been shut down. it has been declared a crime scene. >> reporter: four were wounded in the shoot-out, three in the vans and a fourth traveler in another vehicle. the shoot-out occurred over nine lanes of traffic. over 40,000 visitors enthrough through this port each day. >> here in new york president obama takes his place on the world stage later today with his first speech to the u.n. general assembly as president. yesterday mr. obama was involved in some one-on-one diplomacy when he met with middle east leaders. here's linsey davis.
3:35 am
>> reporter: by all accounts this is progress but president barack obama is urging the israeli prime minister and palestinian president to do more. >> simply put it is past time to talk about starting negotiations. it is time to move forward. >> reporter: the president was reportedly pretty tough in expressing his impatience with stalled peace talks but his bottom line is the u.s. is committed it a two-state solution in which palestinians and israeli live together in >> we have to summon the will to break the deadlock that has trapped generatis of israeaeli and palestinians in an endless cycle of conflict and suffering. >> reporter: the meeting wast first sense netanyahu took office in march. it unphoneded on sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. earlier president obama went before world leaders to proclaim a strong u.s. response to climate change. >> this is a new day, it is a new era and i'm proud to say that the united states has done more it promote clean energy and
3:36 am
reduce carbon pollution in the last eight months than at any other time in our history. >> reporter: president obama stressed international cooperation on climate change and called on developed nation, including the u.s. and china, to step up and do their part. >> they need to commit to strong measures at home. >> reporter: wednesday morning president obama will give a speech to the general assembly where he's expected to address another contentious issue -- the wars in afghanistan and iraq. linsey davis, abc news, from the united nations headquarters. >> one of the biggest sticking points is the construction of israeli settlements in the west bank. our charles gibson spoke with israeli prime minister netanyahu about a possible freeze on those settlements. >> i think the settlements is something that belongs to the final negotiations. it can't be revolved before we even begin to talk about it i'm committed not to build new
3:37 am
settlements and not appropriate additional land for additional settlements. >> netanyahu says iran is growing ever closer to having nuclear weapons and israel reserves the right to defend itself against such a nuclear threat. >> the ntsb has issued an urgent warning to the nation's railroad and transit line about a possible faulty signal system. it comes as a result of a dc crash last year that killed several peoples. >> a state investigation has found that a philadelphia area swim club discriminated against a group of mostly black day campers when it withdrew permission for them to swim there. the human relationsed the valley club to pay a $50,000 penalty to
3:38 am
the state after examining members' e-mail and outreach patterns. the club says it will appeal. >> i do remember. that was a big story. >> got a lot of attention and even more now. >> here's a look at your wednesday forecast: heavy rain from the texas coast. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the northeast and southeast but mostly dry around atlanta. rain in colorado with up to a foot of mountain snow. >> all right a foot. just 50 in colorado springs. a little further to the south 66 in albuquerque. seattle is a record 84 today, portland, sacramento 95. 80 in st. louis, 7575 in minneapolis and highs in the 80s from boston all the way down the coast to atlanta. >> a dust storm that swept in from the outback has left sydney shrouded in a thick blanket of red haze. it loo like a strange horror
3:39 am
movie or something. it set off smoke alarms. international flights had to be diverted, many people had breathing problems. >> dust storms are not uncommon in australia because they're usually restricted to the inland. this is being called one of the largest in 70 years. >> there will be a run on pledge and swirs at the stores. it's beautiful. the positive side of a dust stormy guess. we'll be right back. ♪ all we are is dust in the wind ♪ time walking and getting around in your house, you need a hoveround power chair. yoll be able to go to the mall... play with the grandkids... visit fami and friends... and do all the things you ralways loved to do. tom kruse: i'm tom kse, pinventor of the hoveround. call us toll-free now to find out how you can get one.
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>> the grand jury looking into michael jackson's death will hear from a womanonnected to jackson's doctor today.
3:42 am
>> nicole alvarez and drcht conrad murray reportedly have a child together. murray has admitted to giving jackson powerful anesthetic drugs in the hours before his death. >> a little more than a month away from the release of the big michael jackson movie, too. >> on capitol hill the senate finance committee making its way through a list of 500 amendments to a health care reform bill. >> staggering number. most of the heat yesterday stemmed from a government gag order against insurance companies. jonathan karl has the details. >> reporter: this order issued by the department of health and human services telling insurance companies that serve medicare recipients to stop misleading and confusing mailings saying, quote, we are instructing you to immediately discontinue all such mailings and remove any related materials from your web sites. the extraordinary order comes in response to a mailing an insurance company sent to customers in the medicare advantage program. the mailing warned because of medicare c cuts in the health ce
3:43 am
reform bills, quote, millions of seniors and disableled individus could lose many important benefits and services. but senate finance chairman max baucus said it is misleading to say his bill cuts medicare benefits and ordered the hhs to investigate, prompting the gag order. some legal experts say the order is unconstitutional. senator mcconnell agrease. >> we cannot allow government physicals to target individuals or companies because they do not like what they say. >> reporter: even some democratic senators are concerned that the bill now before the senate finance committee reduces spending on medicare advantage by $123 billion. >> i think it would be intolerable to ask the senior citizens on medicare who have it to give up substantial health benefits that they're enjoying under medicare. >> hhs declined a request for an on-camera interview telling us
3:44 am
that they are investigating whether the mailings illegally give the impress that they're official communications from medicare. while that investigation goes forward, the gag order remains in place. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. >>t's a good bet they're burning the midnight oil at the senate offices. there are those 500 amendments. max baucus wants those gone through by friday. >> it sounds like baucus's bill does not have a public option. they're talking about nonprofit co-ops to compete with insurance companies. it's going to be a long night needless to say. when we come back, why chimps attack. >> a deadly incident earlier this year, it raised serious questions about keeping chimps at home. stay with us.
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>> congress is also looking into the keeping of domestic chimps. we were talking about it right before we went to break. >> the subject came to light earlier this year when a chimp attacked a woman leaving her blind d without hands. vicki mabrey looks at the
3:47 am
vicious assauland what may have caused it. >> oh, those crazy chimps, so cute, friendly and trainable. in commercials they're so human like they almost could work in your office or direct the band. or learn to dance. this is travis, who appeared with actress morgan fairchild in old navy ads. he was the love of owner sandra harold's life until last february when he became infamous for this: >> he's killing my friend! >> what's killing your friend? >> my chimpanzee. he ripped her face off. >> he ripped her face off? >> he tried to attack me. please, please, hurry! >> there's someone on the way. >> travis almost killed her long-time friend in a vicious mauling that lasted nearly 12
3:48 am
minute, he ripped off her nose and eyelids and bit off her fingers. that attack prompted national geographic to explore the complex relationships between human and chimps in a documentary called "chimps on the edge." the documentary retraces the fateful day that things went terribly wrong when charlesa nash ended up mauled and a policeman had to shoot and kill travis. >> travis was not a bad chimp. he was an unfortunate chimp caught in a tragic situation. >> reporter: to april truitt and her husband, clay, who run the primate rescue center outside lexington, kentucky, that horrible attack could have been prevented. >> he had given every warning and every clue that he could that this was likely to happen. and his owner unfortunately chose to ignore those warnings. >> reporter: april and clay, who once kept this monkey gizmo as a pet opened the center
3:49 am
because they no longer believe primates should be kept as pets. she said she tried to convince sandra harold to give travis up x years before the attack. >> we offered to help her place him in sanctuary at that time and she refused. >> reporter: the 11 chimps housed at the primate rescue center live in specially reinforced cages. this 300 foot steel enclosure with bullet-proof glass is like something you'd find as a zoo. you would not t go in there? >> absolutely would not. >> reporter: with the chimps in there. >> not with one -- >> not with any. >> reporter: april estimates there are between 235 and 250 chimps kept as pets in this country. >> you don't like the crust? >> reporter: two of those highlighted in the national geographic special are charlie and kiko and their owner carmen presi. >> sort of fell in love with the chimps just like i did with m
3:50 am
wife. when i got charlie, i used to bring him to the dojo and within like an hour i taught this chimp to throw a left punch and right punch. the next thing i know he was doing combination kicks. >> reporter: that was 13 years ago. rmen retired charlie at age 10. by then he was too strong to take out of his cage. >> at t the age of like 3 they have the strength of a full-grown adult and maybe the mind of a 3-year-old child. >> reporter: a full grown chimp weighs about 200 pounds and is seven times stronger than a human. >> you be aing good boy? >> reporter: still karmon presti vows to never send charlie and ki to a sanctuary. >> i had a conversation and urged him to consider putting them in a social situation where they could be in the company of other chimps.
3:51 am
he chose not to do so. i imagine that we'll be hearing more about that in the future. >> reporter: when you know what chimps are like in nature, you'll understand what they're capable of. chimps on the edge features a harvard anthropologist who sfided chimpanzees in the wild for decades. he says like humans at war, male chimps violently assert dominance. >> many of these attacks without any of them seeing them. the arms are stretched out and the victim is being held out almost like a crucifixion. >> reporter: april and clay know moe matter how close you are to chimps, their violent tendencies lie just below the surface. >> we hear time and time again the same refrain from former owners. "if only i had known, i never, ever would have done this."
3:52 am
>> reporter: this is vicki mabrey for "nightline" in vick also aville, kentucky. >> we do so many stories on people who have the same relationships with bears and lions and jaguars. seems like the bottom line is they're wild animals, you can't put them in your house. >> scary stuff. stick around. more news coming up.
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>> bringing back some memories of high school, doesn't it? >> it's back on the air, isn't it? >> speaking of high school, tanning salons, everybody used them. now a stunning study about those salons. california researchers found 89% of them would allow minors to tan more often than government recommendations say is healthy. >> that has dermatologists
3:56 am
calling for action. >> reporter: nobody should use a tanning bed more than three times in the first week according to an fda recommendation. so researchers put that premise to the test. they posed as fair-skinned 15-year-old girls and called thousands of tanning salons across the country asking how many times they could tan. the researchers say 89% of salons told them they could use their tanning beds six to seven days a week, twice the recommended limit. >> all types of ultraviolet rays are known carcinogens. anybody who is exposed to it for long enough will ultimately develop skin cancer. >> reporter: the study focused on 15-year-olds because research has shown people under 30 who use tanning booths increase their risk of skin cancer by 75%. these young women all blame teen tanning bed habits for their cancer. >> i almost killed myself over a stupid tan. >> i didn't think it could happen to somebody like me.
3:57 am
i'm 18, a young girl. >> i wake up every single morning and think this could be the day that the cancer could come back. >> go get a tan. your body will thank you. >> reporter: the indoor tanning association declined an on-camera interview. they issued a statement saying the study failed to take into account the duration of each tanning session. by only talking about frequently and ignores duration, this study misleadingly alleges irresponsible conduct by tanning salon owners. the tanning industry works with parents to ensure that minors are using sun beds moderately and responsibly. an estimated 2.3 million teen-agers use tanning beds. so clearly the quest for that golden brown glow continues. experts say it is far safer to get it in a bottle. and we made one trip to one store and found all this variety. it's not like when i was a kid when there was only one choice. in washington, elizabeth leamy, abc news.
3:58 am
>> studies have shown so much sun damage is done before the time you're 18. that's why it's so pertinent here. but the industry is adamant. they're like, look, if this is done properly, it's safe, it's no big deal. >> you hear so many women say it makes
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> president obama on the world stage discussing thorny issues with world leaders including the war in afghanistan, mideast peace and global warming. >> then terror alert. the government warns law enforcement agencies to be vigilant as the manhunt for an active terror cell intensifies. >> and healthy humor. the creative ads with an important message about swine flu prevention. it's wednesday, september 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
4:01 am
>> vinita has come up with a little rap of her own. >> no need. >> darn it. missed opportunity. >> but that rap ser a real doctor. >> i'm going to try when we do that story -- >> you don't want to hear me. >> that story is coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. president obama's calendar shows a second day packed with international events here in new york. first he meets with japan's prime minister and then delivers his first address to the u.n. general assembly. in the afternoon mr. obama honors fallen u.n. workers and then meets with the esident of russia. before turning in tonight, the president and first lady will host a dinner for world leaders. >> that is nothing compared to yesterday, though. the president tried to save the planet, lift up african economies, end a trade war with china and aieve middle east peace. here's jack tapper. >> reporter: first october president's agenda, climate change. a meeting with 100 >> reporter: first on the president's agenda, climate
4:02 am
change. a meeting with 100 other heads of state. >> the security and stability of each nation and all peoples, our prosperity, our health and our safety are in jeopardy. >> reporter: there was lofty language but it remains unclear what action will be taken by the two nations that emit the most greenhouse gasses, the u.s. and china. the democrats' climate change legislation is stacked up in the senate behind health care reform. and while the chinese president said his country will cut emissions by a notable margin by 2020, he was vague on did he tails, none of which bodes well for the climate chang agreement set for december. >> i'm here to say difficulty is no excuse for complacency. unease is no excuse for inaction and we must not allow the perfect to become the enemy of progress. >> reporter: next up, a lunch
4:03 am
with leaders of subsaharan africa and then the middle east. in a meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas, mr. obama expressed impatience with the palestinians for not doing enough to stop inciting violence and with israelis for not taking enough steps to halt the construction of settlements in palestinian territory. >> simply put it is past time to start about starting negotiations. it is time to move forward. it is time to show the flexibility and common sense and sense of compromise that's necessary to achieve our goals. >> mid afternoon time to ward off that trade war with china. earlier the u.s. imposed tariffs of up to 35% on chinese tires and china has started taking actions against imports of u.s. auto parts and poultry. jake tapper, abc news, new york. >> libya's moammar quaddafi will also address the u.n. today. he's had a hard time finding a place to stay. officials say this tent is for
4:04 am
quaddafi. several weeks ago a new jersey town nixed his plans to stay there. word is the tent is just for entertainment and that quaddafi is staying at his mission in manhattan which doesn't have much of a yard. >> there's stepped up security at the nation's hotels and stadiums after the government expanded its terror warning. investigators believe a terror plot against new york city may still be alive. viviana hurtado joins us from this morning with more. good morning, viviana. >> good morning. counterterrorism officials say they monitor the chatter of suspected terrorists but the zazi investigation has them on high alert. as the search continues for others involved in a suspected plot to build bombs and attack locations inside the u.s., law enforcement officials have issued a new bulletin urging increased vigilance and security at sports arenas and hotels. the fbi and department of homeland security sent the message to police departments throughout the country.
4:05 am
response to a suspicious package at the new york port authority an earlier bulletin focused on mass transit or examples of the heightened sensitivity. >> we believe the things we're doing now and the things we do every day are the appropriate tactics and strategies to use to protect the city. >> reporter: law enforcement is on guard as the investigation into najibullah zazi continues. >> the 24-year-old afghanistan-born immigrant, who admitted to be trade on an al qaeda camp. >> n.y.p.d. and the fbi are still actively hunting down the bombs and a bomb making facility. they believe there's a garj or somewhere wb the bombs are still being stored. >> reporter: the bombing in the summer is proof of vulnerability in so-called soft targets. he says his department changes
4:06 am
strategy every day. >> thousands of police officers. we're moving them every couple days. >> reporter: police are continuing to ask people to report any suspicious activities to authorities. >> well, four people were injured and dozens are in custody after a brazen incident at the border with mexico. three vans suspected of smuggling illegal incidents decided to cross by the open screen. all 75 people in the vans were taken into custody. >> super bowl hero plaxico burris has started his two-year prison sentence for carrying a loaded gun. the former giants star arrived
4:07 am
at the courthouse carrying his 3-year-old son. ten months ago he actually shot himself with an illegal handgun. >> on capitol hill a new war of words has taken on more about health care. republicans are crying foul saying the insurance companies have the right to free speech. >> now to some really incredible surveillance video from washington state. look at this lucky little girl when an out of control car barrels to her and crashes against the building. if it weren't for those heavy duty parking poles along the wall, she would have been crushed. the driver was suspended for reckless driving. i can't watch it. >> that is amazing. wow, she is so lucky to be alive. here's your wednesday weather: thunderstorms, heavy rain from houston to the mississippi valley up to st. louis today. scattered showers and
4:08 am
thunderstorms from florida to the carolinas. a mix of rain and snow around denver. up to a foot of snow in the west of denver. >> chilly 50 in colorado springs and 77 in new york city. new york will warm up 200, baltimore 81 and miami 91. >> so the wedding reception is coming up in a couple of weeks. i think i have found something that would be perfect for the reception. tech gurus have been racing to become up with the best robot. >> the 6 foot tall you-bot can turn in circles and beam light and create fog. >> it comes with video games, surround song, has a voice modulation system to translate a
4:09 am
child's voice into robot speak. >> i take it back, get me that. >> they're in texas, marketing it as a party favor. your wedding reception will be there. i think we should do it. >> have you going "congratulations vinita and oz." >> "vinita, what are you doing?"
4:10 am
diabetics on medicare! r i'm a diabetic and i want you to know over 230,000 u.s. their diabetic supplies through liberty medical. and that begins with the one touch®ultra meter. easy to use, fast results... at no additional cost! liberty helps keep you on track by delivering diabetic supplies to your door... with liberty i always have someone to talk to and now call now to receive a diabetic cookbook free. additional cost and find out why 230,000 u.s.
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doctors and over a million people with diabetes trust liberty medical. liberty, we deliver better health. call liberty medical at the number on your screen. >> as we men >> as we mentioned in the forecast, flooded parts of georgia aren't expected to see rain today. as least ten died as a result of the flooding. >> roads are a mess, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. once again we have american landscape coverage this morning from our atlanta affiliate wsb. >> announcer: live, local, late breaking, this is channel 2 action night beat, coverage you can count on. >> a traffic nightmare on local roads as flooding chokes off
4:12 am
major routes in and out of metro atlanta. >> it's been a real mess trying to travel around town. >> and as the water begins to drop, homeowners are getting a look at the damage done. >> it's going to be a long recovery. >> good evening. here is the latest on the flood of 2009. officials in douglas county today found the body of a woman missing after floodwaters overpowered her car. tonight we learned of a tenth flood-related death in georgia. >> meanwhile we were there tonight as i 285 north and south closed by flooding reopened. >> the state insurance commissioner estimates georgia flood damages at $250 million. we begin our team 2 coverage with george howell. he's along i-285. >> reporter: i-285 reopened tonight. traffic is moving along quite nicely tonight. this after crews took time to conduct a thorough inspection of the highway.
4:13 am
those same inspections have to happen on i-20 before it reopens. at 8:30 we watched the first few cars to pass over it since it flooded. >> there was very few >> there was very few cars on it. >> the as soon as the water receded, dot inspectors checked the roadway for damage before reopening it to traffic. crews were especially concerned with bridges along the highway. >> people don't understand how powerful water is and how heavy it can be. it can also scour a way around bridge piers. and undermine the stability of the bridge. >> at this point the section of i-20 will remain closed. at last check interstate 20 remains under water. those inspections cannot start
4:14 am
until waters recedes. eric phillips is live with us with important related stories including two more storm related deaths in the county. >> we are very aware of what those drivers are feeling like. we're in douglas county. there were six fatalities. the fifth and sixth one happening today. we have video of that, it happened on stuart mills road. the waters carried her car away and she perished. a very dangerous time. we're told by emergency management this is all happening because of flash flooding. we've seen the pictures on i-20. there's a lot of flooding on secondary roads where water is coming up over
4:15 am
roadways, covering bridges and carrying cars off the roadway. because of bridge closures, because of all the dangers that is involved in those bridges becoming unstable, those roads have seen closures. therefore it makes it difficult for getting from atlanta. >> homeowners are clearing up a huge mess tonight. we're live at the shelter in cobb county sefk center. >> there are more than 200 people here tonight with nowhere to go. earlier tonight we did talk to a couple of people cleaning up big messes but they were thankful just to be home.
4:16 am
mud and muck cover everything on the ground, inside and outside of home on columns drive. >> the lake behind us has come up about maybe eight feet. we kept hoping it wouldn't come into the house. it never has before. >> but water did come into his home, warping the floors and leaving a filmy mess. a day later and water is retreating but lenny is dealing with what the river and the soaked creek left behind. several feet of water rushed over columns drive. one man disappeared here monday morning. he tried to walk through the raging water to get to his father's house. so far they have not found him. for everyone in this area, it has been a scary, stressful two days. there are more than 200 people here tonight at this red cross shelter, 90 more than were here last night. reporting live from cobb county,
4:17 am
channel 2 action news. >> when you see that destruction, there's never a way to associate a price tag but early estimates are $250 million. there is an area where people didn't have flood insurance. >> you're talking about uninsured homeowners. >> when we come back, it is time for your hump day "skinny i". >> lots of emotion on "dancing with the stars." talk about a comeback. >> peewee. >> was that a good peewee? >> oh, you ruined it. good
4:18 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> my reluctance to talk about "dancing with the stars" i feel
4:19 am
like a corporate shill. like i dill i january disney employee. >> no one thinks you're a diligent employee. >> anyway, i'll do it tonight because it seems there's a crowd favorite emerging and of all people it's the princess of darkness, kelly osbourne. look at her, she's all grown up, she's long, lean, gorgeous and graceful. she really impressed the crowd and everybody was bowled over including her parents. there's ozzie right there with a big grin and sharon was tearful about it. >> look at that and listen to what kelly says. >> i'm crying! >> you did them proud, you really did. >> i'm crying. >> i think the reason this is such a surprise is that no one would expect this from the kelly
4:20 am
osborne we saw grow up on the reality show. >> i was looking at the close-up of her face. i didn't believe it was her. >> she's emerging as the crowd favorite. >> last night if you were watching jay leno, it was a huge where are they now. someone we haven't seen in such a long time. >> someone from childhood for me. >> peewee herman. he has a new stage show called the peewee herman show. his real name is paul rubin. if you noticed when he was walking out he had a shiny object on his finger and jay leno addresses it. >> it's been a long time. what's new? ooh, you got married! >> oh, no. i didn't get married. it my abstinence ring. >> oh. >> very funny. he was out of the lime light for
4:21 am
quite a while. >> there were some legal issues. i remember waking up and watching that. >> the jeannie head. i lfd that show. >> and the talking chair. >> his face is exactly the same, the same suit. nothing has changed. >> the one reason to watch that jay leno show. there weren't a whole lot of others. there's the theme. remember that? >>ia, i do! blast from the past. >> jacqueline smith, one of charlie's angels, let's clear two things up. she's not dead and she's not happy. cease not happy because people were saying she's dead. it was all this confusion all over the internet. perez hilton among the chief offenders. he posted this earlier saying she had killed herself. others said she committed suicide with a gun while on vacation in honduras. later in a twitter post she and others said she's safe and home with her family, it is a lie. some people say it was a stunt
4:22 am
double of hers that was injured. others are saying it was the wife of a charlie's angel's producer. lots of confusion about who if anyone was hurt or killed in honduras but it was not jacqueline smith. >> this happens very often. >> the nt net. they just don't check up on the sources. >> not like we do. >> we're diligent. i couldn't afford, a power chair, but thanks to my hoveround team, it didn't cost me a penny. tom kruse: 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost last year. that's why the most pimportant thing you can do right now is call us now to see if hoveround is right for you. announcer: call now to find out how you can get a hoveround in your !home right now., the a free video. you'll also get a !certificate for a free .
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>> here are some sto >> here are some stories to watch today on abc news: president obama addresses the united nations general assembly this morning. he's meeting with the leaders of japan and russia and those from nations contributing troops to u.n. peacekeeping operations. >> iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, says he'll seek leniency for three american hikers being held by his country. the americans were taken into custody after apparently traying into iran in july. >> and residents across the southeast are waiting for floodwaters to receipt so a clean-up effort it k get into
4:26 am
full swing. >> quite a mess down there. >> finally this half hour, how to prevent the h1n1. >> a government contest asked participants to come up with an announcement. >> charlie gibson explains there can only be one winner. >> reporter: this finalist entitled "haz-mat" was created by a health care communications company. ♪ >> trying to avoid catching for spreading the flu this year. this one is called "chain saw." can you tell why. >> is that enough? you want the other four, five billion people on the plan tote keep their distance.
4:27 am
that's why i carry this guy. beautiful day, isn't it? one quick tug and the sidewalk's all mine. works great on elevators, too. that's right, cross the street. >> reporter: and the winner, an entry from dr. john clark. he's a real doctor from new york. ♪ i'm recommending washing hands for protection while you count 20 seconds ♪ ♪ don't touch your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your phase, that's how you get infected so you better play it safe ♪ >> hi, i'm dr. john clark. before i wrote my lyrics i went to and got great information. >> now's your chance. i want to see your rap. >> no. >> while that story was airing, vinita was out hoar and she sneezed improperly. she sneezed into her hand.
4:28 am
>> it should be like this. have i not learned anything? >> we got to stay diligent out there. >> you could probably use a pump as well. pete, you want some? >> pete, i saw that sneeze a minute ago.
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